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Organiko Bicolano meets at Mariners Hotel; pushes for healthy food and lifestyle

(Right picture) Mariners System’s Board of Trustees Member Ms. Evita L. Jimenez presides in a meeting of Organiko Bicolano, an aggrupation of Farm Owners, Restaurant Operators, the Academe, Agriculturists, Medical and Media practitioners – all supportive of the concept of organically-produced food as a factor in healthy living. (left picture) Attendees in the meeting include UP Professor Bobby Tuazon (6th from Left), MPCF-Cam Sur VP for Administration Napoleon Mangente (8th from left) and other participants.

Naga City – Organiko Bicolano, a group of enthusiasts pushing for organically-produced food and healthy living converged at the Mariners Training and Hotel Institute (MTHI) of Mariners Polytechnic Colleges (MPC) this city on October 30, 2014.

On top in the agenda of the meeting and brainstorming session was the appreciation of organic food as a means towards healthy living. It also bannered the group’s effort to create awareness in the local community of the advantages as it promotes longevity in the lives of people.

Led by Ms. Evita L. Jimenez of Mariners System and as Adviser of the Library for Safe Seafaring (L4SS), the globally connected electronics library promoting safety at sea and good health for Marineros and the people in the community, Organiko Bikolano aims to propagate this advocacy via the production and consumption of organic food.

It can be recalled that the Mariners System has been a recipient of the modern library L4SS, a grant by the U.S.A. and Amsterdam-based Elsevier Foundation, now being utilized by the Mariners schools.

For Mariners and Elsevier, safety is not only promoted and observed in the high seas but it starts with healthy living of students who are the future seafarers, the faculty members and staff. This advocacy is extended to the local community.

“It is for this reason that local organic food producers, restaurant owners serving organic foodstuffs, the academe and the media were invited to take active part in this advocacy. The group will continue its effort to inculcate in the minds not only among the members of the academic community but to the public, in general”, declared Ms. Jimenez.

(Right picture) Members of the local media - Oscar Esmenda of DWLV Radio (in brown jacket) and Danny Aureus of DZGE and Bicol Mail Newspaper (in green striped-shirt), participate in the Organiko Bikolano event as Ms. Jimenez (far right) acts as moderator. (Right picture) Mariners System’s Chairman Emeritus Eliza Lazaro Jimenez and Sister Corazon Belardo of the Daughters of Mary Congregation react and listen to the on-going discussion.

Samples of the food and drinks served during the ‘Organiko Bicolano’ meeting. (Left to right) Laing Pizza, MTHI’s Organic Drink concoction, and the Nap’s Linubak, with plain cassava as the main ingredient. Healthy food with indigenous raw materials in abundance in the locality was the order of the day during the conference.

More products are on display at the Organiko Bikolano forum. (Left to right) Don Ramon Organic Red Wine (with local fruits as raw materials), Carmela’s Flavored Fresh Cow’s Milk, and MPCF Camarines Sur’s Culinary Arts products – Banana Nuts and Organic Bread.

Other attendees in the gathering were Sister Paz Albao of the Daughters of Mary, Jose Arnel Obias of Green Earth Restaurant, Alfredo Karlo Ampuan of MHTI and MPC-Naga, Agriculturist Ramon Abalayan, and Organic Farmers - Santy Cervantes, Howard Tate and Carlito Aquino.

Meanwhile, all sectors invited in the forum pledged their all-out support to the advocacy to promote healthy living via the production and consumption of organic food which can be grown in abundance even in the backyards of homes.