Our Lady of Peñafrancia visits Mariners-Naga campus

Naga City – The annual traditional visit of the image of Our Lady of Peñafrancia, Patroness of Bicolandia to the campus of Mariners Polytechnic Colleges (MPC) this city was held on September 2, 2015.

(Left picture) The image of Our Lady of Peñafrancia is escorted by seminarians and members of the local clergy while it is being prepared to be brought to the MPC-Naga campus. (Right picture) A Typical Peñafrancia Festival procession with thousands of devotees coming from all over the country and the world honoring the Patrroness of Bicolandia.

The event called ‘Pag Sunko ni Ina’ or ‘The Visit of our Mother’ signals the start of the Peñafrancia Festival, the yearly celebration of the Bicol Region which highlights the giving of honor to the regional patron saint fondly called by Bicolanos and devotees as ‘Ina’ or ‘Mother’. This year’s visitation has the theme ‘Living Out God’s Mercy and Compassion in the Year of the Poor’.

From the San Francisco parish Church in Naga City, a motorcade was held to bring the image to the Mariners-Naga campus. At the school, ‘Ina’ was joined by the students, faculty, staff and administration who joyfully welcomed the image. The academic community which gave honor to Ina was led by MPC-Naga President and CEO Dr.Marilissa J. Ampuan , Executive Vice President Dr. Gabriel L. Jimenez and the department heads.

The chanting of ‘VIVA LA VIRGEN’ or ‘Hail the Virgin of Peñafrancia’ made the occasion exciting and meaningful. It was a joyful encounter culminated with the celebration of the Holy Eucharist. The students, thru the Supreme Student Council (SSC) has exerted effort to make the occasion festive.

With the school population composed of almost a hundred per cent Roman Catholics, the event has inspired the school populace as it was an opportunity to thank ‘Ina’ for her intercession and for the many blessings which the school and its personnel have received. It was also an opportunity for thanksgiving for sparing Naga City and the Bicol Region from the wrath of recent typhoons and other natural calamities that ravaged other parts of the country.

It was a happy occasion in which her visit is likened by the academic community to a mother who, most of the time of the year, is away from her children. It was a ‘reunion’ of the Marineros with their loving Mother whose mutual longing for each other’s company is fulfilled in this meaningful encounter at the school campus.


Students from MPC-Naga pass
European shipping company’s qualifying test

Naga City – Students from Mariners Polytechnic Colleges (MPC) this city passed the qualifying examination given in August this year 2015 by the European shipping company - Marlow Navigation.

(Left Picture) Hospitality students from the Mariners schools in Bicol take the qualifying examination conducted by the European shipping firm Marlow Navigation. (Right picture) MPC-Naga officials led by President/CEO Dr. Marilissa Ampuan (extreme left) at a breakfast meeting with the shipping firm’s executives led by Kuido Naaber (center).

Among those who qualified are Eliezer Perez, Jr., a 3rd year student taking-up Bachelor of Science in Hospitality Management (BSHM), and two Bachelor of Science in Hotel and Restaurant Management (BSHRM) students – Paulo de Guzman who is in his 4th year and Billy Boy Agawin who is now in his 3rd year.

Marlow Navigation Shipping Company which is based in Europe has hundreds of cargo ships sailing all over the world. It has a Country Office in Manila. It has taken interest not only on Mariners’ maritime students, but this time on those taking Hospitality courses especially those who qualify and can serve in their various sea vessels. After finishing college, they will immediately be hired to board the firm’s international cargo ships.

As of today, this maritime enterprise maintains industry scholars taking-up Bachelor of Science in Marine Transportation (BSMT) and Bachelor of Science in Marine Engineering (BSMarE) both at Mariners Polytechnic Colleges Foundation (MPCF) in Legazpi City, Albay and in the Canaman, Camarines Sur campuses.

It is only this year that Marlow navigation has decided to recruit students taking-up Hospitality courses.

With this development, Mariners System is delighted that its students are hired even before they graduate. Besides, it is now this shipping firm which come to the institution to hire potential personnel who can be part of their shipping operation, worldwide. ‘The school is elated and challenged with this development that reputable companies now come to Mariners to hire students and graduates. This confirms the effectiveness of the linkages the institution has established with international shipping firms which have come now to fruition. The students and the graduates are the ones ultimately benefited with this trend”, MPC-Naga President and CEO - Dr. Marilissa Ampuan stated.