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NEWS ARCHIVE - September 2012

The Mariner recruits new staffers for 2 waves

In order to fill the empty slots which the graduates left, The Mariner held over-night recruitment last July 25-26, 2012 at Eliza Multimedia Center.

The lecturers shared their knowledge in different fields of writing and drawing; news, editorial, feature, poem, sports, editorial cartooning, comic strip and literary graphics. Aspiring applicants were challenged with their talents and tested in the panel interview with panelists Mrs. Joan Rull-Dulong, SPS Director, Mrs. Maria Hazel o. Palacio, Quality Management Representative, Mr. Erwin L. Recto, TM Technical Adviser, Mr. Arvy N. Osma Managing Adviser and the alumnae Ms. Donna Mae Delfino, Ms. Rita Labanon and Ms. Hyacinth Cabal.

Several aspirants for the first wave applied but only 7 met the standards, they are Renan Belen (BSHM1), Edthon Julius Tino (BSHRM1), Darwin Opiana (ABC3), Elaine Betavara (BSHM3), Mark Absalon (BSCA1), Analiza Cornelio (ABC1) and Magno Llagas (ABC3).

Weeks after, The Mariner organized recruitment, the 2nd wave. This happened last August 18, 2012 at Eliza Multi-Media Center. Again, the lecturers never failed to share and teach what they know about the different fields of writing. The facilitators gave appropriate activities after every lecture to test the applicants, to see how good they are and if they have applied the things they have learned from the discussions.

The applicants tried their best, but only 3 got in. The qualifiers are Allan Paul T. Bahoy (BSCA1), Kevin Gail P. Toral (BSHRM1) and Niña-Sarah Q. Plofino (BSHM1).

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PFC dominates ORG’s Fair 2012

With the theme: “Collaboration over Competition; Creating a Culture of Cooperation”, the Annual Organization Recruitment (ORG’s Fair) was spearheaded by the Student Personnel Services Department last July 25, 2012 at the MPC Grounds.

Students were to choose at least 2 organizations to join in from the 8 non-departmental of 12 accredited organizations namely: Supreme Student Council, The Mariner, Campus Ministry, Mainframe Adept Board, First Response Team, Peer Facilitator’s Circle, Mariners’ Volunteers Organization-ORES and Mariners’ Sarong Banggui Junior Eagles Club and automatically member of departmental organizations; Junior Communicators’ Society, Council of Hospitality and Tourism Students, ADUANA(BSCA) and Association of Bicol Business Students (ABBS).

All organizations were given the chance to showcase their talents and skills. Three specific competitions such as Best Campaign Ad, Best Booth and Best Recruiter highlighted to boost organizations’ ability in promotion and marketing.

Engr. Florian Infante, GSO Director, Ms. Darryl T. Aguinillo, Assistant HRD, Mr. Sotero SP. Frondozo Jr, College Registrar, Mr. Carlo Ampuan, Assistant Affairs and Ms. Joan Dulong, SPS Director visited and judged each organization’s booths simultaneously. Winners were announced during the acquaintance party held last July wherein MSBJEC won the Best Campaign Ad while PFC got the first place in the two category- Best Booth and Best Recruiter. Winning organizations received a cash prize amounting to Php500.00.

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