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NEWS ARCHIVE - October 2012

SSC promotes Laro ng Lahi anew

“To commemorate the Filipino style of recreation that will surely bring an extraordinary enjoyment and fun and to promote sportsmanship”, the Supreme Student Council conducted again the Laro ng Lahi last October 13, 2012 at MPC Quadrangle MPC Naga. With its theme: “Tayo ay Magsaya, Tangkilikin Larong Pilipino ating Pagyamanin” it brings smile to the MPC Students, Faculty and Staff, School Personnel and the Administration as one of the highlights of Academics Week.

The activity started by an opening prayer followed by the singing of the Philippine National Anthem with an opening remarks of Mr. Mario A. Agawin, SSC Adviser and a short inspirational message from Dr. Melinda SB. Gimal, Dean of Academics. The said palaro was consists of 9 traditional games which are the Pukpok Palayok, Tug of War, Eating Relay, Apple Eating Contest, Sack Race, Water Relay, Treasure Hunting, Trip to Jerusalem and Longest Line Relay.

A thankful message from the current SSC president Princess Ednalou G. Paiton and awarding of prizes concluded the event.

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Entrepreneurial Seminar held:MPCEANS’, ATENEANS merge

Forty four students of Hospitality Management and Customs Administration of Mariners joined the Ateneans with Entrepreneurship courses in the seminar “Building the Local Business Landscape: A Holistic Perspective” at Richie Fernando hall, Ateneo de Naga University last October 13, 2012.

MBA students Mr. Arvy Osma and Mrs. Hazel Palacio were one of the organizers and reasons behind the seminar where Mr. Reuel Oliver and Mr. Gilbert Albero were invited as guest speakers to explain the city government and local industry perspective on business respectively.

Mr. Oliver emphasized the city government stand to improve the local big or small businesses here in Naga and presented plans for the specific areas such as City Market, Panicuason Forest Park, Barlin Heritage, and Naga River. Subsequently, Mr. Albero pointed out the business issues particularly those unregistered businesses in the city and shared the difficulties in registering a business.

The seminar ended up with an open forum through the participation of attendees.

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To showcase the different products and entrepreneurial skills of the students, a Trade Fair was held as part of the La Academica last October 10-12, 2012 at the MPC-Quadrangle.

Different blocks and student organizations joined the said event like PFC, FRT, BSHM 1A1, BSHM 1B2, and many others putting up their booths to endorse and sell their respective products just like native decors, foods and native delicacies like yema, pastillas, polvoron, etc. which was patronized not just by the students but even the faculty and staff as well.

The said activity ended with joy, smile, and satisfaction in the heart of all who impart themselves in the said undertaking. It is expected that next year, there will be more participants who will have the desire to show what they got.

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MPCEANS pay TRIBUTE for Teachers

To show their thanks and gratitude to all the teaching and non-teaching personnel of the school, the students headed by the SSC organized a program entitled “TRIBUTE FOR TEACHERS” last October 12, 2012 at the MPC-Quadrangle as still a part of the celebration of La Academica.

Dr. Gabriel LA. Jimenez, Executive Vice President and Dr. Melinda SB. Gimal, Dean of Academics gave their messages and served as inspirations for everyone. After which, students from different year levels showcased their talents through intermission and presentation numbers. Also, video presentations were geared up by different students’ organizations.

To express appreciation to their adviser/s, an ear-pleasing serenade was also dedicated to entertain the crowd. And, the latter part which is said to be the highlight spiced up the night when the faculty and staff came wearing their colorful and magnificent outfits and showed their flexibility as they grooved in the popular PSY’s GANGNAM Style for their dance numbers.

Mr. Lewis Boni- awarded as Mr. Fashionista and Ms. Christine Mongoso-Eusebio-as Ms. Fashionista as a reward for wearing their best outfit for the occasion.

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BSHM Seniors organize Food Carving, Centerpiece making Workshop

A 1- day seminar workshop on Fruit and Vegetable Carving and Centerpiece making organized by Senior BSHM students under MGT 6 was conducted last October 11 at the Irene’s Laboratory with the theme: “Transforming Simple Food Presentation to a Work of Art”.

Eighty two students under the hospitality programs taking up BSHRM, BSHM and BS Tourism participated in the said event. Six of distinguished lecturers who had been into different schools were invited to give talks namely, Mr. Bernard C. Buniel, Mr. Jhandy Withe C. Buniel, Mr. Jhannie Glenn C. Buniel, Mr. Jeson C. Buniel, Mr.Orvard J. Zapanta, and Mr. Melchor C. Francisco.

Participants have brought several kinds of fruits and vegetables which they had used in the workshop. Lecturers had imparted several techniques while participants simultaneously doing their crafts. Mr. Emmanuel Obias, a BSHRM student stood out among the participants after the activity because of his craft - a face of a man carved from a watermelon.

Lecturers emphasized on the importance of practice to improve carving skills. Aside from that participants were given carving tools that will help improve their skills.

This workshop was conceptualized for the La Academica week where the skills and talents of the students are being showcased.

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HUBENTUD FESTIVAL takes the Spotlight

To prove that students from Hospitality Industry have also the aptitude in Film Making, the annual Hubentud Festival made its way on the red carpet as it took the spotlight last October 10, 2012 at the MPC-Quadrangle.

As part of their requirements for the Humanities and Literature subject, the students coming from different year level taking up BSHM, BSHRM, and BST proved to every Marinero what they got. Eleven films as the official entries to the 2nd Hubentud were: 1. Faith; 2. Broadband; 3. Dugo; 4. Boarding House; 5. The Agony; 6. The Miss Stress; 7. I’ll be there; 8. Loyalty isn’t?; 9. 4 by 3 guns; 10. Memories; and 11. Dolores.

All of the casts in the said movies really shined as well as the student directors as they shared their brilliant concepts and ideas.

As a reward, different awards were given to all the participants including Best in Screen Play, Best in Sounds Direction, Best in Cinematography, Best in Print Ad, Best Supporting Actor/Actress, Best Actor/Actress, Best Director, Best Short Films.

The said undertaking was pushed through the effort by the Junior Communicators’ Society spearheaded by their Department Head, Dr. Mariel R. Estrella and Mr. Jose Van B. Galvo, Humanities and Literature Class Adviser.

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Seminar for WAT 2013 Participants

Work and Travel – USA Season 2013 participants undergo the Skills and Personality Development Seminar last October 5 at the Eliza Multimedia Center to prepare them for VISA application, employer’s interview, and stay in the United States.

It was the first time that Mariners organized a seminar prior for the WAT to make sure that they are ready to face the realities in US, the MPC derived on this innovative idea that will add to the awareness of the participants.

Dr. Melinda SB. Gimal, Dean of Academics opened the seminar with the inspiring statement “Good beginning means good ending” followed by the quote shared by Executive Vice-president Dr. Gabriel Jimenez, “Your identity and your success go hand in hand, many people sacrifice their identity but do not want what they are doing”, those words are few but it does instill a lot to the minds of the participants.

Director of the training center Astoria Culinary and Hospitality Institute, Dr. Dominador Dula-De Asis Jr. invited as the guest speaker who was very committed in sharing knowledge and inputs regarding personality empowerment, managing expectation and multi-cultural diversity.

Dr. De Asis had given tips on how the students should present themselves in a corporate manner. He stressed that image is significant and more importantly he encouraged attendees to loosen their self-consciousness because all are beautiful in the eye of God.

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